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Lip augmentation makes your lips fuller and in doing so reduces the wrinkles you have surrounding your mouth. There are several options available for lip augmentation. There are lip injections such as collagen or you can even have fat injected that has come from another area on your body. Although both of these, along with all other lip injection solutions, will eventually need to be done again when they get absorbed into the body. There are a couple of newer more permanent options on the market today through material that can be implanted such as AlloDerm.

AlloDem is a collagen sheet that is derived from natural materials from skin that has been donated. It is carefully placed through small slices at the corners of the mouth. Once it is put in its place it will become one with the natural tissue of the lips.

The other implantable products are:

Autlogen is a dermal implant material that is injected and made from your own skin. Demalogen is Human Tissue Matric of HTM that is injected after being donated by someone else. Fascia is an injectable that is derived from the thick white tissue that connects the body’s structures together. It can also be used as an implant. Hylaforn comes in a gel form that is clear and contains hylaruonic acid that is much like what is found naturally in the body. Radiance is calcium hydocylapatie which is also found in the body. Restylane is another clear gel that is injected and contains something close to what is found in the body, hyaluronic acid.

Lip rejuvenation is another form of lip augmentation that is done with a laser that makes the skin firmer and stimulates the production of collagen and elasin to make the skin more elastic. With this lip augmentation procedure you will be able to go right back to you normal activities if no sedation was used and only a one day delay if they were.

AlloDerm and Demalogen do not require that you donate tissue for the treatment but they will not be rejected by your body because they are still derived from human tissue and they have a very natural feel. A permanent option would be Gore-Tex implants that are inserted in the lips and acceptable by the body easily. With all procedures there is a risk of allergic reaction that can last for a few days or even months. There should be some testing done before the procedure to make sure you are not allergic to ingredients or implants.

Lip wrinkles are a problem for women all over the world. The good news is there is a solution that can help reduce them in just minutes with lip wrinkle fillers. Lip fillers are going to give better and faster results then creams and lotion aimed at reducing them. Lip fillers are specially designed products that are injected just under the skin to plump up the skin and make the wrinkle less noticeable. They work much like augmentation of the lip by increasing the lips volume and not only reduce wrinkles but better the shape of your lips.

When trying to decide which lip wrinkle filler is going to work best for you need to look at how long you want the effects to last and what the worst side effect you are willing to deal with is. There are literally dozens of fillers on the market today. All with their own length of effectiveness, risks and cost.

Collagen is the oldest of the fillers around and is the most well known but there have been better options developed since its conception. The filler of those used on a regular basis today that has the longest effects are going to be Artefill and Restylan which both have partially permanent effects.

Another option is Radiesse which can last for up to two years and then there is Botox and Fascian that can last six months. Regardless of which filler you choose you will eventually need another treatment to keep the desired results.

How safe the contents of these fillers are is extremely important. The lip filler that is regarded as the safest is Fat Transfer. With this treatment they simply liposuction fat from your body and inject it into the area you want to have corrected. It is safer because it is using your fat that is already in your body without alteration so there is no fear of an allergic reaction. Some of the other fillers that are safer according to the FDA are Cosmoderm or Cosmoplast, Restylane, Juvederm and Sculptra as well as Captique.

When deciding which lip wrinkle filler is going to be best for you and your unique skin it is vital to do testing to see if you are allergic because they are almost all derived from animals. There is a small group of people that are allergic to the compound derived from animals and these people may have a severe allergic reaction to the lip filler that can be very uncomfortable. In severe cases the allergic reaction can cause permanent damage to nerves and the skin.

Smoke accelerates the normal process the skin goes through as it ages and not only causes more wrinkles then there should be but makes them appear much earlier in life. This can lead you to look much older than you really are. Just ten years of smoking regularly can cause the skin damage to appear. If you started smoking when you were very young this means you could get wrinkles in your twenties you should not have until your forties. The more you smoke and the longer you do it for the worse the wrinkles will be. Since the start of this kind of damage is hard to see you may not notice a problem until it is too late to take preventive measures.

While the wrinkles you have may never go away you can keep them from getting worse by stopping smoking. Smoking causes wrinkles in several ways. The nicotine in the cigarettes makes the blood vessels less wide at the surface level of your skin. This causes a lack in blood flow to the skins surface. Without the proper blood flow you skin does not get what it needs to remain healthy like oxygen, vitamin A and other nutrients.

Also there are more than four thousand chemicals in cigarettes, all of which come out in their smoke. These chemicals settle on your skin causing it damage and reducing the amount of collagen and elastin it has. Collagen and elasin are what give your skin elasticity and strength. When they are depleted the skin will droop and this causes the deep wrinkles. Also the heat from the cigarettes and lighter can cause damage as well as the repetitive motion from taking a drag.

Treating the deep wrinkles that are caused by smoking is not easy and is not something you can do yourself at home. To see any real results you will have to go to a doctor and spend a great deal of money and time on treatments. These treatments are not even permanent so it is not going to be a one shot deal. You will have to return over and over to keep the desired look you want. Your options are going to be skin resurfacing by microdermabrasion, laser treatments, injectable fillers, chemical peels or in worst case scenarios surgery. No matter what the treatment you will need to stop smoking to get full results.

Laser treatment can be an effective way to treat lip wrinkles if they are superficial and not severe. Laser treatment will work best to get rid of them when they first appear to allow you to start taking preventive measure to keep them from coming back. Laser treatments resurface the skin by essentially damaging it and forcing it to grow new healthy skin. It can get rid of light wrinkles easily but there are limitations to what it can do. It is important that you know what to expect realistically from the laser treatment, how it will benefit you and what risks you run by getting the treatment.

Laser treatments cannot help deep wrinkles nor can it help firm up sagging or loose skin. Also the effects of laser treatments are not permanent and further treatments will have to be done to keep up the desired results. This is because the causes of wrinkles are not helped by laser treatment; it only rids you of the results. That is why it is best to use the treatment at the first sign of a problem and then add preventive measure to minimize the need to use it again.

There are some risks associated with laser treatments. It is possible for your skin to suffer from either hyper or hypo pigmentation where the skin gets a shade lighter or darker than usual following the treatment. This can last for days or up to many months. The darker your skin the more likely you are to get hyper-pigmentation. In worst case scenarios the effects may be permanent but this is extremely rare.

It is also possible to get the infection associated with cold sores the herpes virus infection. Most of the time the virus is already in the skin lying dormant and the laser treatment simply stimulates it. If you have had cold sores that were severe or frequent in your life time or have a recent herpes outbreak you can be prescribed anti-viral medications before the treatment to prevent infections.

There are several kinds of laser treatments on the market today so consult with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine which one is best for you. Laser treatments have had some major advances recently so if you have checked them out before and thought they were not for you, then you may want to see if there has been something new that will work for you.

Chemical peels can be an effective treatment for lip wrinkles. A chemical peel is when a solution of chemicals is used to improve the texture of the skin and make it smooth again by removing the top skin layer. The three most common chemicals are Phenol trichoracetic acid or TCA, aphahydroxy acid of AHAs and phenol. The formula used can be modified to fit the unique needs of the patient. When trying to decide if a chemical peel to improve your lip wrinkles is the correct course of action for you to take there are many factors to consider.

AHAs include glycolic, lactic or acids from fruits and are the less evasive of the chemical peeling options. These peels can give great results for those who are unable to devote the time to recovering from the TCA peels. AHAS are used for less severe lines around the mouth. Low concentrated levels can be applied on a weekly basis or further apart depending on the severity of the wrinkles and the skins reaction to them. AHAs can also be put into face wash and creams to lower their level of concentration and make them more convenient to use because they are already part of your daily skin care routine.

TCA also is used in different levels of concentration but is usually used for a deeper treatment. More mid-level wrinkle and creases around the mouth will need TCA to see a great deal of improvement. The TCA peels will also have to be used repeatedly to get the desired result and then less frequently to sustain it. While the TCA peels are harsher and can take longer to recover from than AHAs it is still less than phenol peels.

Phenol is the strongest of the chemical peel options and goes the deepest. It is used for the deep, severe wrinkles and creases or if there is a great deal of sun damage since it penetrates deeply. Phenol may lighten the skin it is treating so the color of your skin will be taken into consideration. It works best for those with very light skin. It is just used on the face because it can cause scarring elsewhere. It can take a great deal of time to recover from and can be uncomfortable so it is only used when other treatments have failed.

There are risks associated with chemical peels regardless of which kinds you use. They are usually a safe treatment if done by a professional trained and qualified plastic surgeon. Although there is some risks that cannot be predicted because no one knows how the skin will truly react until the treatment is carried out. In worse case scenarios scars and infection can occur but they are a rarity.

Injectable fillers are used to make lips fuller as well as plump out wrinkles and creases around the lips. There are several different kinds of fillers on the market today to choose from.

Collagen is a normal part of healthy skin, Injectables that have formulas for collagen are made to simulate what already naturally occurs in the skin. Some of the brand names of these collagen injectables are Cosmoderm® or Cosmoplast®. Zyderm® and Zyplast® which are all forms of collagen harvested from pigs so there is some allergy testing required before they can be used. Results from collagen injections can last up to four months.

Hyaluronic Acid is also something that is produced naturally inside our bodies. It is best used to make lips fuller and treat the larger creases around the lips known as frown and laugh lines or nasolabiel folds. It is sometimes used for superficial wrinkles as well. Its results can last for six months or more.

Hydroxylapatite is a compound of minerals that is found in our bones. It is the heaviest of the injectables being in a gel like form. It is used on very deep creases and wrinkles that are severe. It has also been used to add fullness to the areas around the lips.

Human fat that is pulled from other areas of your body can be used to make you lips fuller and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The procedure for injecting fat is more extensive however because liposuction is needed to get the fat to be injected. This treatment can last up to a year and the fat can be stored for future treatment.

Regardless of the filler, the steps for injecting it are very much the same. First the plastic surgeon will give you an evaluation that looks at how you use your face for expressions and your skin tone. They will pay close attention to those areas you want injected. The places that will need to be injected will be marked so the filler goes exactly were needed. The sites will be sterilized and a local numbing medication applied. Also some fillers contain the medication. The injections themselves are done in only minutes per site. Finally the face will be cleaned again to remove markings and residues. Ice packs may be applied, especially if it is the first treatment, to reduce possible swelling. Make-up can be put right back on as long as its done gently.

While we enjoy the wisdom and prudence that comes along with getting older we can really do without the devastating wrinkles that form in are upper lips. These lip wrinkles can be severe and destroy our beauty. They can make us look ten years older than we really are. They are mostly caused by exposure to the sun, smoking, toxins and basically not taking care of ourselves. There are some genetic factors that play a role as well.

The thickness of the skin is going to really affect how your wrinkles form. This is where genetics play a role. You cannot determine how thick your skin is or the fullness and size of your lips. This is something we are born with. Thinner skin and smaller lips are going to show wrinkles much sooner. During the aging process we lose collagen and elasin which causes the skin to sag. This sagging leads to wrinkles and can be exasperated by your lifestyle and habits.

Constantly waxing the upper lip pulls the skin and makes it become loser much faster. Wrinkles will form from the stretched out skin. So it is important to avoid waxing treatments. Instead it may be beneficial to look into permanent hair removal solutions. While they cost more they will save you in the end by not having to go to the plastic surgeon to repair the damage waxing cause.

If you smoke you should stop immediately and also avoid second hand smoke. Wrinkles around the lips are not only caused by the repetitive motion but also by the toxins in the smoke that dehydrate the skin. It is vital that you keep your skin and body hydrated to avoid wrinkle but drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer.

If it is too late for this prevention and you already have upper lip wrinkles it is still possible to reduce their appearance. There are many over the counter products designed to help mild upper lip wrinkles. If they are more severe you may need to visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. There you can receive injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm that will help to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of the wrinkle. You can also get Botox injections that will relax the muscle around the mouth so they no longer cause wrinkles. All these treatment are not permanent and will need to be repeated.

When the lips age there are two processes that occur that add to the lips becoming less attractive. The first process to go is the lips volume. It cause your lips to get smaller which makes you look older. The second process it when wrinkles begin to form in the skin around the lips because of the repetitive actions of the muscles around the lips.

The replacement of the volume to the lips has become easier with the development of lip fillers. While collagen injections have always been very effective they only last three months at the most. The newest injections contain hyaluronic acids and can last for at least six months f not more. Also now is a better time then ever to get injectable fillers because doctors have perfected the use of anesthesia to make the procedure have very little discomfort. The results you get from injectables are going to greatly depend on how good your doctor is. If they do not do a proper job you may get the wrinkle reduced but be left with lips that look swollen and unnatural.

Another procedure is call the Fern Pattern technique. It was development in the Netherlands to treat lip wrinkles using Restylane. In this treatment the Restylane is inject just into the skin not the muscle which helps to reduce lumps that can form. Also used today is Juvederm that is injected in the same manner. A small needle is used to inject the filler under the top layers of skin. Both Restylane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acids but Juvederm is thicker. Both treatments allow patients to resume their regular lives right after the visit and have the least chance for bruising.

Due to that fact that Restylane and Juvederm contain only a little amount of hyaluronic acid that has been modified to match what is naturally in the body, they are very same and work well with the biochemical make up in the skin. There are certain people who can have reactions to injections of any kind. These reactions can include swelling, redness and bruising. Also itching, pain and tenderness where the product was injected. These effect will show up with in a day or two of the treatment but should clear up with a week. Other than that there will be no real recovery time. They can even be done over a lunch hour with the patient retuning to work.

Lip wrinkles are in the category call dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are those that are known as smile, frown and smokers lines. They are the hardest to reduce of all the wrinkles that form on the face. These wrinkles are cause by your face making the same repetitive motion with your lip muscles. There are many options for improving the dynamic lip wrinkles that have form around your lips but all them are only temporary. Nothing will ever permanently remove them.

Laser treatments are one of the most popular and effective treatments. One is the CO2 laster that works by blasting away dead skin cells that are damages. While you skin heals from the treatment fresh new skin if formed that are tighter and smoother than before. There is also a Cool Touch Laser that will stimulate the growth of collagen in your skin and make it look smoother. It works by penetrating the skin to cause it to boost the amount of collagen it is making but does not harden the skin. CO2 is the most often used laser treatment method.

Another treatment is dermabrasion which is where the skin is basically buffed to remove the dead skin cells in a way that is very much like sanding wood. After the bad skin is removed new skin cells will form to give a smoother firmer look. Most dermatologist and plastic surgeons would rather use laser treatments because of the harshness of dermabrasion and the discomfort in the recovery process that can last much longer.

Botox has been proven to be very effective in reducing wrinkles of all kinds. It is very popular because it is less expensive, does not take long and has little to no side effects when done correctly. It work by relaxing the muscles that you use around the lips so that they can no make the repetitive motions that cause lip wrinkles. The effects on the muscles is not permanent and will have to be repeated. Eventually your muscle will learn over time to stay relaxed.

Then there are derma fillers that take things such as collagen and injected directly into the skin to give it an instant boos. It will not only reduce wrinkles but dark shadows as well. The plastic surgeon will take a very small needles and inject the derma fill into specific areas of the skin. Much like Botox there is almost no recovery time and it can be done in minutes.

Our face show our every emotion through our expressions. It is the first thing that people see when they notice us. As we age and we develop wrinkles we can begin to be self conscious about our appearance. Lip wrinkles are some of the most devastating because they can be some of the most severe. This is because the lip area is one of the first places on a women’s face to loses its firmness and the muscles around the lips are the most often used. We have to use are lips to talk, eat, drink and kiss plus for all the facial expressions to convey our emotions.

Wrinkles can form when the skin around the lips begins to sag because of age. As we age our skin changes its shape The more adipose tissue we get the more likely we are to get wrinkles. Also the skin on our face come in contact with more toxins and the elements that will harm it such as smoke and the sun or extreme cold. It is best to tackle lip wrinkles as soon as you see that there is a problem or even before. Once they are visible to the naked eye they can be very stubborn and hard to get rid of. In most cases treatments can only reduce the wrinkle not completely get rid of them.

One treatment option is laser therapy which can drastically improve the visibility of wrinkles on the upper lip. The treatment works by stimulating the skin to make more new collagen as well as coetaneous tissue. This will make the skin appear younger with a smooth and firm appearance. There are two major laser treatment types out there. The ultra pulsed carbon dioxide laster treatment, also known as first generation, help with the less sever surface wrinkles. The erbium’s YAG laser treatment, or second generation, goes deeper to help more sever wrinkles. The side effects of both are the same, red skin and potential for a few brown spots but are not severe.

There are also medications that can be injected in the skin and muscles around the lips to reduce wrinkles. There are two types of injections, slow and rapid. Rapid absorption treatment uses hyaluronic acid, something found naturally in the body, is injected into the skin or a thirty to forty minute time frame. It is absorbed quickly and can show results with in minutes. The slow absorption method things like Botox are used which are directly injected into the muscle to paralyze it so the you can no longer make the repetitive motions that cause wrinkles. Both of these treatments have a few side effects if done properly but they have to be done over and over on a regular basis to keep up their effects.